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Castle Medflight has developed our unique specialties due to our own unique experiences. We provide unparralled service in developing countries because we've been the patients that have needed that level of care, we have had team members that have needed ECMO, and in discussing our support for our cancer patients our experiences are no different. Our team provides our excellent level of care because of the battles we have individually faced. 


I'm writing today from my own perspective, speaking in my own words, and am only able to relay my own experiences with a disease that racks 12.7 million humans globally. My grandfather fought 3 battles with cancer, finally succumbing to the disease while I was a Soldier in the US Army. 12 years of separation and I still remember my last promise to him before I joined, a promise of seeing him again that I could only fulfill at his funeral. HIs loss created a hole in my heart that no words, and no amount of time, could completely heal. My grandfather raised me in conjunction with my great-grandparents while my mother worked. He was the father figure I didn't have in my life until my mother married my step-father. When he had a stroke in the early 90's and began a series of battles with illnesses that included battles with 3 separate forms of cancer I was alongside for early morning infusions before school, seeing him in rehab facility after rehab facility, followed by acute care facilities. I watched the person who I knew and loved as a mentor slowly succumb to a wasting disease that left him a shell of his former self.


A critical care patient being loaded onto one of our airframes

A critical care patient being loaded onto one of our airframes

As I write this I have just received reports from another close friend of positive biopsy results that have ripped the scab off my heart. I am fearful for the future, terrified of a life without another one of my loved ones. My personal hope and saving grace is the outstanding medical care around the country that I can access through my position here at Castle and the ability to transport my own loved one to all care they will need. I know we can access the best doctors, the best medicine, and have in place the best resources to make the transport happen. 


When a patient calls and one of our team picks up the phone we mean it when we say we are here to help. Our patients are not just numbers or bottom lines, they are loved ones like ours. We our proud to say we deliver the most trusted critical care, anywhere, because we have been clients as well. As professionals we draw on these experiences to be the change we wish to find in medicine.