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This weekend was a busy one here at Castle MedFlight. Working nonstop we managed to secure our second domestic air transport contract with our second major insurance provider as well as simultaneously flying our first flight for them.  Castle MedFlight is known for our ability to support almost all operations within 90 minutes or less of mission alert globally and in this case, it saved a life.

Our patient was transferred from the Caribbean to one of our partnered facilities in Miami for treatment and through the whole process we made sure both the patient and the client were given the best treatment from an American physician at their bedside while sick in the Caribbean down to a luxury full-size SUV to drive the family members from the airport to the hospital where she was diagnosed with Guillain-Barre Syndrome, a condition in which our patient's immune system was attacking their nerves. In the United States this would be considered an emergency situation on it's own, in the Caribbean being treated by a clinic not capable of diagnosing the condition it could have been fatal. 

At Castle MedFlight we handle all details for case managers to allow them to take the time they need to complete their operations instead of worrying about minor details. This is all part of our mission to provide the most trusted critical care, anywhere!