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With each case and patient we work with here at Castle I can't help but be amazed by the circumstances our teams work under. Today we were alerted to the need for an emergency medical transport for a pediatric patient with a traumatic brain injury here domesticaly in the US. In the course of treating this patient it came to light that our partner organization in the region who was assisting us in staffing the required critical care team with pediatric neurology specialists was actually sending the same team that responded to the patient at point of wounding. 

The family was shocked. From the time of injury, through treatment, and then final transport to the specialist facility the same doctors were along for the entire ride. Through reducing the amount of handoff's between care providers our patient has a significantly higher chance to make a full recovery from what could have been a life ending injury. We strive to help provide the best critical care teams and coordination that can be found anywhere, including in rural parts of the midwest!