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Being the Civil Affairs Specialist means I spend a fair amount of time on social media to identify trends and help deliver the message of the Castle International brand to our followers. Last week I noticed that there was a number of new updates from other air ambulance companies regarding their new containment units designed specifically to handle Ebola patients. While I applaud these new ventures into infectious disease transport I can't help but highlight that it is more than the equipment that creates a safe environment to handle these types of transports. Castle Medflight is capable of handling Ebola and other infectious disease patients through our historical experience with the cases in our partnered organization SPECIAL PROJECTS GROUP. As witnessed from the following news excerpt our team's have had extensive experience and preparation time to handle infectious disease patients. 


When we highlight that Castle Medlfight's operations are entrusted to veterans and empowered women we want to emphasize the experience these groups bring to our company. Our veteran staff has had extensive training in Chemical, Biological, Radioactive, Nuclear, and Environmental containment and treatment procedures during their time in the Armed Forces and have transitioned those skills from the frontline of combat to the forefront of medicine. Equipment such as isolation units are critical to the successful completion of infectious disease transports but it is only half of the equation for success. All of the technology and cutting edge equipment is only as effective as the training backing it, because when it fails it is critical to have experienced minds diagnosing issues and solutions. Infectious diseases such as Ebola can create a worst case scenario at 25,000 feet if containment is broken accidentally, please don't risk your patients with teams who have only attended the course, option instead for the teams that have made it their careers to work with the most dangerous substances man will interact with.