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Specialized Solutions

Specialized Solutions

Most companies look at a contract or opportunity and attempt to achieve success with their current resources by identifying a bid cost that works with their current bottom line to secure the opportunity. At Castle MedFlight we do things a little bit differently. Instead of working within our current margins and teams we look forward and build our capabilities with programs tailored for each client. As we grow our health network CONNECT with partnerships in Healthcare, Transport, and Telemedicine we continually strive to deliver two things:

To our patients we deliver the best patient care experience with the most technically profiecnt clinicians.

To our partners within the insurance industry we deliver contained costs that promote sustainable healthcare.

Caitlyn Cooley Presenting To Class 001

Caitlyn Cooley Presenting To Class 001

Through working with our network partners we are capable of looking at each contract opportunity and then tailoring a solution specifically for our client's needs. An example of this is currently occurring in our Arizona office where we are developing a new program that is capable of providing a patient care experience that exceeds previous aeromedical transport options. Through working with a team of veteran clinicians with decades of experience that is coupled with our in-network transport partners we are able to deliver a highly proficient, budget minded, option to our client while still ensuring that our patients receive the best possible medical care. 

An aeromedical specialist reviewing notes before a test. 

An aeromedical specialist reviewing notes before a test. 

Our first class of candidates for this program have been working all week learning how Castle MedFlight operates and what their daily duties a flight crew members will look like. Familiarization on our industry leading equipment has already occurred and the final written eating is being completed today. In the coming days we will be getting the team on-board planes for familiarization on how to integrate our equipment into various types of aircraft as well as setting up rotation schedules, call rosters, and communications chains. While this may seem like the least exciting portion of a contract, in reality it is one of the most difficult. Standing up new operations for a new client is what we specialize in though. Our goal is to create the solution and deliver the package as a turn-key program that is immediately ready to integrate into any existing daily operations. 

Where other's continue to raise the cost of healthcare, often times coupling the burden to the patient when insurance will not cover those costs, we have decided as a company to create a model that couples multiple industry leading entities together under a single flag to demonstrate what is possible for the future of medicine. 

Exigent Circumstances

When a family thinks of a vacation to a Central American paradise they rarely imagine it could ever go wrong, let alone being trapped in the country for weeks on end. 


Recently Castle MedFlight was contacted by a family member of a patient who had traveled to Central America for a family reunion. The vacation report was all the guide's had promised and more, but when it came time to come home a unique challenge presented itself. Our client's family member faces severe developmental disabilities, disabilities that were able to be overcome with understanding and patient staff on the United States end at the beginning of the trip but were not taken into consideration on the return leg. Living life with Autism Spectrum Disorders can be difficult however the majority of symptoms during an episode can be overcome with compassion, patience, and communications. 

Upon being notified of the Airlines refusal to work with our client we were capable of chartering a plane and assisting with standby medical treatment for possible outcomes that cannot be overcome with compassion. After 3 hours of conversation with our new friend we were finally able to coax him onto his plane ride home. Where a gate agent decided that a man with disabilities was a safety liability we engaged our patient as a peer and worked within his limitations to enable his success. From early identification of the need to reach out to advocates and experts within Autism Speaks for clinical advice to provide our flight teams to working with customs agents in advance of the plane landing to ensure that they were aware of the intricacies of the case Castle MedFlight handled all aspects of what had become the worst possible vacation scenario proving again that the ability to go the extra mile in patient care is sometimes all that is needed to overcome any barriers. 

Throughout the entire process Autism Speaks was with our team the entire way providing advocacy, advice, and assistance to our team. We cannot say enough good things about their organization. Visit them HERE